Fairphone 4

Launch & Launch Event

The Challenge

Fairphone is a social enterprise company which aims to develop smartphones that are designed and produced with minimal environmental impact.
Due to the corona restrictions, Fairphone is not be able to have a physical launch event as they have had in previous years.
For the launch of the Fairphone 4 Peejee.tv was asked to create two online launch events.
EVA GOUWENS - Fairphone 4
press landingpage
Instagram live

Broadcasted live, privately for some and open for everyone

Media, ambassadors, and key influencers could view the private broadcast on a private landing page. Where they could participate in the Fairphone 4 product, reveal live-stream.


However, the public could follow the broadcast of the second open live stream on the landing page, Youtube and Instagram Live. The landing page got stunning 45.000 page views in the launch week.

Asking Live Questions

Throughout the entire launch event Fairphone received more than 1500 questions in the comments of our custom build landing pages and the streaming platforms.

Top questions filtered by moderators answered by the CEO, Director of Impact Innovation, VP Of Products Operations and the moderator.

Giving the experience a personal, human touch.
interactive landing page
Fairphone 4 Recycled plastics

Video introduction & product reveal

Both events kicked off with an introduction by the Fairphone CEO Eva Gouwens welcoming participants. The new phone and modules were then revealed trough an product video.

Demo phone & in-store video's

To strengthen the visibility at the point of purchase. Fairphone asked peejee.tv to create the visuals in all the Fairphone partners’ stores.

We created strong visuals that grab the people’s attention and share Fairphone’s story in a straightforward, visual way on the phone and the screens in-store.

Deliverables Demo Phone video’s

Languages: German, Dutch, English, French, Swedish, Danish


Deliverables in-store screen content

Video clips, in 9:16 aspect ratio and 16:9 and still images all in 6 language versions: with German, Dutch, English, French, Swedish, Danish

Video tutorials

As the Fairphone 4 is a mobile phone that its users can easily repair, we created eight tutorials on how to do so.

Fairphone has scaled up with more than 2000 physical points of sale locations with the release of the Fairphone 4.

By teaming up with Orange, T-Mobile, Media Markt, Gigantti, 1&1, KPN, 1&1, a broader audience will experience the Fairphone for the first time.

To train all the sales representatives of more than 2000 retailers around Europe, we created training video’s in their native language.
Its purpose is to educate the sales reps about what Fairphone stands for and go more in-depth about the brand, Fair materials, Fair working conditions and the new Fairphone 4 product.




Client: Fairphone
Ewa Skotnicki
Lora Haspels
Jan Blaffert
Sharon van der Hagen
Kim de Winter

Production: Peejee.tv

Product launch video:
Producer: Peejee Doorduin
Production: Marieke Konijn
Director: Libbe van Dijk
DOP: Thomas Fibbe
1st AC: Maurice Visser
Snorricam: Peejee Doorduin
Creative Direction/Edit/Grading: Yori van Gerven
Compositing/Animation: Taco Potma
Stylist: Inge de Lange
Make Up: Carmen Gonzalez
Storyboarding: Dave Elderenbosch
Models: Foto Formation
Cast: Lianne & Maarten

Phone demo & In-store videos:
Concept & animation: Taco Potma @tacopotma

Production: Marieke Konijn
Camera operators: Sjors Ruijter, Joep van Diejen
Design: Taco Potma @tacopotma
Animations & Titles: Taco Potma & Styn Dirkx
Vmix operator: Peejee Doorduin
Landing pages & Live chat integration: Ingo Valente
Moderators: Verena Kitowski, Ioiana Luncheon, Kim de Winter, Lora Haspels, Jenni Salli, Ewa Skotnicki, Lotta Heilscher, Rae Alexander

Trainings video:
Edit: Styn Dirkx @dirkxdesign / Peejee Doorduin
Animation: Styn Dirkx
Translations: Victoire Jacasson

Production: Marieke Konijn
Script: Jan Blaffert
DOP: Peejee Doorduin
Edit & Animation: Styn Dirkx