Fairphone 3+

Online Launch Event

The Challenge

Fairphone is a social enterprise company which aims to develop smartphones that are designed and produced with minimal environmental impact.
Due to the corona restrictions, Fairphone is not be able to have a physical launch event as they have had in previous years.
For the launch of the Fairphone 3+ and the upgraded Camera modules Peejee.tv was asked to create an online launch event.

Broadcasted live, open for everyone

Traditionally launch events have limited attendance, reserved for retailers, media, brand ambassadors and key influencers.
However, our 60 minutes live event was broadcasted on multiple platforms including Instagram Live.

Asking Live Questions

Throughout the entire launch event more than 1500 questions were received in the comments of all the four streaming platforms.


Top questions filtered by moderators were answered by the CEO, Director of Impact Innovation, VP Of Products Operations and the moderator.


Giving the experience a personal, human touch.

youtube livestream opt

Video introduction & product reveal

The event kicked off with an introduction by the Fairphone CEO Eva Gouwens welcoming participants. The new phone and modules were then revealed trough an animated video.



Lora Haspels, Ewa Skotnick, Jan Blaffert
Social media manager: Rae Alexander


Role Peejee.tv
Concept, Creative, Design, 3D Animation, Sound Design, Video Production & Livestreaming
Concept introduction video: Yori van Gerven & Dave Elderenbosch
Storyboard: Dave Elderenbosch
Animation: Yori van Gerven, Dario Cavaliere & Styn Dirkx
Edit: Styn Dirkx
Music & Audio design: Guy Wood
Technical supervisor: Peejee Doorduin
Host: Miquel Ballester