Bolt move

With 260K followers on Instagram, The Dutch record label Top-Notch made one original request: take the power of being dynamic LIVE to a “new” platform – Instagram.


The possibility to go LIVE via third-party software or using additional devices as opposed to your phone’s camera is prevalent both on Facebook and on Twitter. Within the shackles of platform limitations, this function has been out of reach for everyone wanting to leverage the full potential of LIVE on Instagram.


Violating the service agreement.​

There is no feasible way to make it happen;
With the help of virtual machines and custom API calls, we could set up live streams as it was like connecting to Facebook Live or a regular RTMP streaming server.

The created solution was out of the terms of the Instagram service agreement.
We tested our solution on a smaller scale,
getting convinced that the account wouldn’t be blocked, suspended, or even deleted by violating the service agreement.

screenshot 1
instagram live footer