Levi's Flagship Store Paris

Gesture-based interactive retail wall

As the undisputed leader in the casual wear industry, Levi’s is committed to creating the styles that their customers love while also preserving the environment. In order to do this, the company is transitioning to make goods that are better sourced and better manufactured, with a focus on longevity.

Levis Sustainability Jaden Medium

To showcase this commitment, Levi’s partnered with a Matte, OneDisplay Solutions and Peejee.tv to create an immersive installation for their flagship store on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

The installation, called the Landing zone, is an interactive retail wall that is based on gestures.

Using a depth camera, the installation responds to the viewer’s movements, allowing them to control and explore a simulated reality.

The installation is inspired by Levi’s “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign, which encourages consumers to be more intentional about their clothing choices and to invest in quality items that will last for generations.

The use of a depth camera in the installation will lend a sense of life and connection to the installation. Create a stronger bond with their guests.



Since the numerous layers are governed by an algorithm, the motion is smooth and responsive to the viewer’s actions, as detected by a computer using a depth camera.

This means the user’s actual motions are converted into virtual forces that act on the visual layers.


Overall, the immersive installation at Levi’s flagship store on the Champs-Elysees showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability and to creating products that are better for the world. By using innovative technology and design, Levi’s is able to engage and inspire their customers, while also promoting their values and mission.



Client: Levi’s
Mariella Finiguerra
Marie Reiser
Geoffrey Mandeville


Retail development and construction : Found Amsterdam

Cees Getkate 


Retail design: Matte
Lead Designer: Yew Kee Chung


Hardware & Led: One Display Solution
Sebastiaan van Tongeren

Interactive development:

Cas Dekker & Peejee Doorduin

Screen design: 
Jeroen Krielaars

Behind the Scene: 
Sjors Ruijter

Ivana Reekers