ORACLE guides you through a micro-kosmos of historical developments, long-term trends, and possible disruptions in economy and mobility in an effort to answer ‘what’s next?’. The light installation consists of 200 sqm of voile wrapped around a timber spiral room. Walking through the installation, the story of our future thinking reveals itself in projections and audio fragments from experts and visionaries on the past, present and future. ORACLE displays real data from the past and present to show how our perspective on the future is often distorted by the ‘now’. While trends and forecasts offer exciting opportunities or daunting challenges, it remains difficult to predict the actual scope of these changes. For in the ‘now’ there’s only place for one possible future. The installation uses 10 projectors with a combined resolution of 18000 × 2100 pixels The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam takes place from the 23rd of April until the 10th of July 2016 at the old Fenix Industrial Warehouses in Rotterdam.


  • Projection Mapping
  • System Architect
  • Technical supervision