Rotterdam refinery expansion

The future of base stocks in Europe has arrived with the start of commercialization at the newly expanded Rotterdam refinery of ExxonMobile. To have visitors experience the first-ever world-scale lubricant Group II production refinery in the most immersive possible way BDDO created a 360 video with a drone.


Together with  A Bigger Circle and Terra Drone we built a custom 360 camera rig to fit a Level 2 qualified drone. 

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exxonmobile stills1 scaled
exxonmobile stills3 scaled
exxonmobile stills2 scaled
drone communication
drone in flight

Erick Alves
Martin Oudenes



John McDaniel
Thomas Cochill

Production company
a bigger circle

Account: Dennis Meyer
Executive Producer: Justin Karten

Line Producer: Joyce Kooren
Drone Pilot: Kevin Schinkel

Drone ground control: Wouter van Deventer
Drone Assistant: Luuk Bartels
Drone 360 Camera Operator: Peejee Doorduin
Ground 360 Camera Operator: Dajo Brinkman

Data Handler: Benjamin Cerigo
Runner: Stephan Reesink


MistikaVR stitching: Peejee Doorduin
Compositing: Reinier van Brummelen & Peejee Doorduin
Animations & Titles: Reinier van Brummelen
Grading: Reinier van Brummelen