Max Planck Institute

custom build 360 rig for Scopic VR

Custom built 360 paralax free rig

Scopic asked Peejee to build a high resolution, high-dynamic range, low light 360 nodal rig.

So Criminologists from the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg could create a highly realistic VR experience. With scenarios to study the influence of emotions on people’s interpretations and reactions to aggressive situations in a barroom setting.


This 360º interactive virtual experience aims to remedy traditional scenario method research defects by employing immersive 360º video.
Research participants make decisions for the main character. Within the highly non-linear script, they encounter a “choose-your-own-experience”


Rather than asking participants to imagine themselves in a specific situation based on a short narrative, this VR scenario perceptually immerses them in it. We are making them undergo the more visceral and emotional aspects involved in real-world offending.


Scopic was assigned to create the complete experience from script adaptation, directing, post-production, and software development.



Realtime preview

To make the transitions seamless from every possible scene. A Realtime VR preview was necessary so that prerecorded takes could be overlayed and mixed with the actual camera view. This realtime overlay makes it possible to adjust all the set parameters, actors, and props so that every possible decision made in VR would match the current scene.

maxplanck vr script