An interactive videomachine for Modefabriek

The #screenshop is a futuristic ‘curated store’ around the theme of prints where everything revolves around experience and storytelling through digital technology. To augment the digital story with the available prints in the store we created a interactive videomachine where the prints from within the show resonate in a fashionable way.

The machine brings the digital enhancements into the physical space, with a massive LED screen, where the recordings of the visitors blend within the narrative of the shop.  Inviting other visitors to increase the participation for creation of new content and engages them to share their video  on social.

Every recording is shared with the participants and played on the overwhelming led screen.

Making the visitor the face of the campaign.

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Concept & Design

Hilde Koenders


Bernie van Vlijmen

Native Mac OS X APP

Jean Jeaques Warmerdam

Technical design

Peejee Doorduin



#SCREENSHOP is a fun interactive experience-store where offline meets online and fashion meets function. This years theme is was WORKWEAR. 👨‍🔧👷‍♀️🔧


  • System Architect
  • Technical supervision