An ode to the never-ending source of Spa water.

The Belgian brand Spa bottles natural mineral water and to celebrate this process with rain turning into mineral water, they made an installation that turns rain into a beautiful show of sound and light.


As an ode to the never-ending source of Spa water, I was asked to help Circus Family and J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam to create an installation that turns drops of rain into beautiful sounds, lights and projections, against the spectacular backdrop of the nature reserve Spa.<br\></br\>

Rain detection sensors were placed throughout the forest. When raindrops touched the surface of the sensors, projections, light effects and sound were triggered.


To capture the essence of rain Arduino boards were used in combination with Vuo scripts that directly interpreted the rain which orchestrated Resolume & Ableton Live.




Edwin van Dijken, Sophie Bryskere, Roel Meens
Campaign Title : The Rain Project

J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
Executive creative director: Bas Korsten
Creative art: Daniel Samama
Creative copy: Tim de Waard
Photographer: Robert Harrison
Business director: Lisa Merelle
Digital director: Jesse Houweling
Digital producer: Wendy Losse, Sandra Balke
Production company
Circus Family
Director: Wouter Westen
Account manager: Linda van der Heijden
Producer: Floor Schroeijers
DOP: Daan Nieuwenhuijs
Focus puller: Gemma Probst
Camera assistent: Julia Cereijo
Drone: Jan Crommelinck
Gaffer: Nick Burrough
Head technician: Peejee Doorduin
Ass technician: Cas Dekker
Visuals: Taco Potma
Hydroloog spa (vo): Patrick Jobé
Sound recordist: Willem de Wijs
Music – oij: Valentijn Crouwel
Special fx: Toon Sintobin
Location manager: Adrian vd Bovenkamp
Catering: Anna Montsma