Stripe Down

Kinetic Installation

A Kinetic installation that converts physical impressions to digital engagement.

The latest installation we created for the Netherlands’ largest fashion trade show “Modefabriek” exhibition is a 10-m by 10-m kinetic pavilion called Stripe Down.



Increasingly, trade show designers are toggling the roles of traditional retail designers – synthesizing a brand’s ethos into an engaging pavilion – while simultaneously functioning as digital marketers.



With Stripe Down, we converted the otherwise ephemerality of face-to-face engagement into a tangible albeit digital product: downloadable videos of visitors interacting with the space. We used video to add a layer of engagement and as a means to produce digital content to share via the web.



Modefabriekk STRIPE DOWN 169 6


Inspired by the playfulness of a carousel, this installation invites the audience to become part of the stripes.

Modefabriekk STRIPE DOWN 169 3

For the theme of their winter show, Modefabriek chose ‘stripes’, paying homage to one of fashion’s most timeless patterns. We based the pavilion on the motif, cladding a hexagonal prism in alternating neon green and cobalt blue stripes. The prism is surrounded with striped screens, and as the prism rotates, the two layers of stripes merge with one another, producing moiré-like effects.


Attempting to break the mold of static, eye candy-only installations often seen in retail, Stripe Down is designed to be fully interactive.


Visitors are invited to step behind into the carousel and film themselves engaging with the space. An on-site camera feeds live video footage to a computer program.


The movement-responsive code recolors the raw footage in neon hues and then populates the videos with animated graphics. TV monitors throughout the installation loop a constant feed of Modefabriek’s well-dressed dancing, giggling and sometimes sauntering in revamped video recordings.


Stripe Down is about real-life spatial engagement, combined with the fun of producing your own exclusive social media content.




Concept & design: Hilde Koenders
Graphic design & animation: Bernie van Vlijmen
Tech: Peejee Doorduin
Code: Jean Jacques Warmerdam