T-mobile teamed up Anomaly, Halal and Next Empire to bring this cutting-edge project to life.
Where Director Johan Kramer directed these first (!) ever live-streamed commercials in The Netherlands.All together we managed to make this innovative event happen.To create all 11 commercials, 7 locations were selected in Den Haag, Groningen, Eindhoven and Amsterdam.In cooperation with the technical department of T-mobile we pre-scanned all possible locations.
Where after our technical team did field tests and measurements.We were not allowed to put any extra cell towers up for better coverage as everything should be as is.
Available to everyone.
Eventually all selected locations had a perfect coverage which gave us a lot of confidence.

T-Mobile location bandwidth check

Along with the 30-second commercials and one 60 second, T-mobile had a 6-hour live stream on the brand’s Facebook page of a snail race at their headquarters.
Where viewers could vote which snail could win the race.

To make everything happen every city had is own “crew” with dedicated iPhones equipped with LU-Smart software.
Sitting at the heart of the Live Commercials workflow are three special prepared low latenceny LiveU LU2000 servers.


Live commercial stream flow

These servers allowed us to get a super reliable, low latency and broadcast ready signal from anywhere. Next to the LU2000 servers we build custom Wowza servers for backup streaming capabilities and for the relay of the Facebook stream.

My role was supervising the whole technical proces and lead the technical team.





Anomaly Amsterdam
Creatives – Martin Ginsberg, Sharif Abdel Mawla & Michael Middelkoop
Head of Production – Julia Llamas
RTV – Karen Whitehouse

Technical Production

Technical Production Agency – Next Empire
Technical Producer – Vincent Lindeboom
Head Technician – Peejee Doorduin
1st Assistant Technician – Huibert Koning
2nd Assistant Technician – Pieter Jongsma
3rd Assistant Technicians – Martijn Pannevis, Fabian Krausz, Auke Roggeveen, Feline Armin

Art Direction

Jelier & Schaaf


Editor making off – Kevin Whelan


Production Agency – Halal Amsterdam
Director – Johan Kramer
Assistant to director – Tineke van Ginkel
Head of Production – Christel Hofstee
Producer – Judith Engels, Floor Schroeiers, Sara Nix, Bo Polak, Monique van Beckhoven
Production Manager – Job Sanders
Production coordinator – Farah Abdi, Ina Van Beek, Floris Loeff, Kes Antoniesen

Director of Photography – Lex Brand
Camera operators – Lex Brand, Tim Kerbosch, Ruben Faber, Ruben van Duijn, Leen Thijsen
1st AD – Jurriaan Rohde
2nd AD – Lino Kempees
Gaffer – Christophe Vingerhoeds,
Best Boy – Marcel Brugman

Production Design – Rikke Jelier
Setdresser – Bolek van Blokland, Floor Francken, Elsje de Bruijn
Carpenter – Robert Spanjer
Behind the scenes – Daan van Asch, Paul Roest, Momo Hammouchi, Tomas Overtoom, Marina Meijer
Crowd Control – 4 man via Ground Control

T-Mobile Live tv commercials

Technical supervision

T-mobile was chosen as the best tested network of the year. To celebrate this, Anomaly came up with a bold idea: Let’s test the network by going live on national television via T-mobile’s 4G network.