Totem of Life

is a curated visual experience


Living in a transient, globalised world, Multi-Local acknowledges what impact cultural influences have on society and what the benefits are in celebrating them. This means valuing inclusivity over appropriation and adjusting the world’s gaze to embrace exchange, creative integrity and diverse identities. Global design is no longer led by
the West. Instead, there are strong design influences coming from Asia, the
Middle East and African countries, where cultural heritage is cherished and layered with global influences. Embracing Multi-Local means the impact of cultural influences on society and the benefit in celebrating them are acknowledged.

An interactive videomachine with Stijlinstituut Amsterdam for Heimtextil

The Totem of Life is a curated visual experience. It stimulates interaction as visitors can record themselves and have their visuals projected onto 16 screens. The Totem represents a statement of cultural diversity; people who come from all around the world, with different backgrounds, ideas of beauty, style and values.


Multi Local Trendspace by Stijlinstituut Amsterdam / Anne Marie Commandeur

Concept & Design: Grietje Schepers, Harm Rensink

Research:  Berlinda van Dam, Hilde Koenders, Irene van Doesburg, Grietje Schepers, Harm Rensink, Katy Grieve

Photography: Jan Hoek & Stephen Tayo
Video installation: Peejee Doorduin & Jean Jaques Warmerdam

Event photography: Jeroen van der Wielen, Oscar Vinck, Casper Smit