Week against child abuse

Don't look away

Each year a worrying number of 120.000 dutch children suffer some kind of abuse.

Despite the effort of various organizations this figure is not decreasing. Sadly most people who suspect child abuse choose to look away instead of taking action.

A person who breaks this cycle of child abuse will change the life of a child forever.

The Task force child abuse and sexual abuse wanted to turn that type.

Therefor Boomerang Create developed a concept that literally confront the viewer with the consequences of looking away.

360 video

In a unique use of 360 degrees video we combined two 180 degrees video’s that were played simultaneously. On the one side of the video, we showed people who spoke about signs of child abuse but choose not to act on it. On the other side a scene took place that showed the implications of looking away, a child suffering abuse.

Winner of the Lovie awards 2017 and The best social award 2017

Custom build 360 rig

Boomerang wanted to add a dramatic cinematic feel to the video’s. To achieve the best possible quality we extensive tested various camera arrangements, including Gopro rigs and multiple Red Epics. The best result was achieved with a custom build rig. Consisting of two Sony A7sII camera’s that was optimized specially for each scene.

The locations were selected not only on their appearance but also carefully selected at their dimensions. After measuring it, the location of the cameras was determined and the spaces could be seamlessly sealed without too much post production.

Each scene was stitched at 200 degrees, just over half of the 360 degree video. This created an almost seamless 360 degree video that did not visually deduce the story.